Lista på produkter efter tillverkare Denver

Company Profile

INTER SALES A/S - DENVER ELECTRONICS was founded in 1990. Starting out by importing radios and television sets from the Far East. INTER SALES A/S has expanded into dealing with Tablets, Bluetooth speakers, action cameras, home alarm systems, wildlife cameras, LED/LCD TV, DVB settop boxes, DVD players, portable DVD with TFT , MP3/Mp4 players, e-books, CD boomboxes, telecom products, DAB radios and much more. INTER SALES A/S is located in Egaa, near Aarhus in Denmark. Our customers are serviced by more than 30 competent employees.

Our 2 daughter companies  are located in Passau, Germany (also responsible for Austria) and Woerden, The Netherlands. (which are responsible for the countries Belgium, Luxembourg and the Netherlands)

Our brand is DENVER™ and our large customers are offered to buy on OEM basis.

INTER SALES A/S - DENVER ELECTRONICS mainly supplies supermarket chains and radio/television chains in Denmark, Sweden, Norway, The Netherlands and Germany. We have distributors in most of Europe. 

Our products are mainly manufactured in China, and are always adapted to the European standards. We are always able to offer competitive prices, and since we have influence on the design and development of the products we buy, our products are always adapted to the European market.

We aim to offer the right product with the right design at the right price, and to establish long-term and efficient co-operation.